"Art doesn´t change anything, art changes you" David Lynch.

In Tracia art meets the dreams and feelings of the artists and clients. Art is a value of humanity that we must protect.

Tracia was created to preserve the essential values of its members. Art without value has no sense.
It's all about creativity. Nothing we do is possible without the magic of the studio artists.
Each member of our team has experience in their own field and guarantees an excellent and professional result.
We combine art, performance and exclusive jewelry pieces, everything is designed to create a unique experience.

We have many different styles, but here we show you some of the main ones.

Black and white realism
This is one of the most famous styles in Spain, it is about accurate replication of parts or real images.
Neotraditional and Illustration
It requires great skill and imagination, the tattoo artist is in charge and needs to complete the entire work.
This is a very artistic and beautiful style, and the tattoo artist’s skills are very important to achieve the effect.

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FAQ. Ask us in complete confidence if you have any doubts.

You can make an appointment with your favorite tattoo artist to review your ideas together. Once you have an appointment the magic will start!
Whether it´s your first tattoo or your tenth, aftercare is very important to ensure proper healing and a perfect finish. Each tattoo artist has different instructions, listen carefully and follow the steps you are given. Your professional tattoo artist will give you some advice and hygiene guidelines for taking care of your tattoo. Follow these instructions, they will help prevent infections and pigment scars.
When you have a new piercing you need to avoid chlorinated swimming pools. This also should be avoided with tattoos, and you also need to protect them from the sun. The tattoo needs to be protected from the sun for the first two weeks. A healing cream should be applied, not sunscreen.
It depends on the area pierced, so always follow the professional’s advice.
See your doctor before going to have a tattoo, they will tell you if it’s not a good idea, and also what precautions you should take after having it done.
There are several methods for tattoo removal. The most current method uses a laser, but it does not ensure total removal. Some colors are not easy to remove, like yellow and green.
Don´t worry! This happens very rarely, but it´s important to know what can happen if you undergo such a procedure. It is very important to be sure that the person doing the tattooing or piercing practices proper hygiene and abides by the current regulations to avoid any risk of infection.
No stimulants, narcotics, alcohol or certain medications such as aspirin, should be taken at least 24 hours before the tattoo, as these may increase the risk of bleeding. Do not come to our studio under the influence of drugs, your consent will not be valid and we will not be able to perform any kind of procedure.
Explain your idea to us, and if you can, send us some references or images of tattoos that you like to let us know what style you like most. It could be blackwork, realism, old school, new school, neotraditional, traditional American, geometric or pointillism, Māori, etc. After that we will be able to tell you if we do that kind of work in our studio or not. If you like the idea, the size of the tattoo, and the price is okay, you will have to sign an agreement and leave a deposit, after which we will make an appointment for you.